Construction Loans

Construction Loans

The Mortgage Emporium caters to the needs of construction companies that require financing programs. Our services are designed to meet the different needs of our clients. Whether you are just starting out as a small builder or a large-scale builder with hundreds of homes to construct every year, our construction loans could help you carry out your projects with less financial obstacles.

The application process of our loans is simple and easy to complete. The basis of our financing options for builders could either be speculative or pre-sold. Some of our mortgage plans also waive the cancellation fees. We also do not charge front end or back end fees. On top of all these benefits, we give our clients flexible draw schedules and competitive construction rates.

Our services include:

  • Credit facility management
  • Speculative planning
  • Annual customer partnership planning session
  • Purchaser mortgages
  • Inspections
  • Draws

You can enjoy many benefits with our mortgage programs which includes the chance to receive funds on the construction proceeds of each home. You can also take advantage of the following advances during the different stages of construction:

  • Lock-up – 35% to 55% complete
  • Drywall – about 75% complete
  • Completion – 100% complete

More draws may be offered with approval.