The Key to Selling Your Home Quickly

October 25, 2012 by Silvia Brooks – Posted in News

The real estate market can sometimes be a tough one, but does that mean that you should expect your house to be on the market longer? Are you willing to sell fast for less money?

Chances are you’re not.

When planning to sell your home, it is important to set a definite goal that is supported by a budget and a selling strategy.


How quickly homeowners expect to sell their homes…

1 Week: 26%
2 Weeks: 33%
1 Month: 33%
3 Months: 19%
Unsure: 12%

As you can see, homeowners have extremely high expectations in regard to the selling time-frame on their homes. For many homeowners, these expectations are paired with a need for financial relief, as sellers are paying for two mortgages. In reality, it takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months for a home to sell.

The key to selling your home quickly

In an industry that is often defined by location, there are two additional factors to consider when trying to sell your home: value and timing. In order to sell your home quickly – let’s say within two weeks – a variety of factors have to come together.

In fact, offering the right product, for the right price at the right time requires devotion to your home selling project. The more prepared and focused a homeowner is, the better the chance of selling their home quickly. Being a motivated seller doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re willing to take less than the negotiated price, it simply means you’re more willing to work harder to sell your home.

Preparedness is the key to selling your home quickly. Before your home hits the market, it is essential that you achieve a few basic milestones:

The key to selling your home quickly #1

Complete any unfinished projects

Nicks in the wall and discolored paint won’t bode well with homebuyers, so make sure you leave no stone unturned and walk through your home wearing the eyes of a potential homebuyer. Fix anything you think might annoy them.

The key to selling your home quickly #2

Clean and remove clutter from the home

Intensive cleaning will be necessary before the house hits the market, but it is important to begin removing clutter and personal items from the home as soon as possible. For homeowners who are preparing to move into a new home, this step coincides with the moving process. For others, this type of limited living can be difficult, but on the upside, it is also more of a motivation to sell quickly.

The key to selling your home quickly #3

Decide on your price

Do your homework to establish your property’s range of value, and evaluate the market listings in your region – both those that have already recently sold and those currently listed. By monitoring the market, homeowners can bide their time. An example of this would be to run a simple search of properties valued similarly to yours and to consider how your property would fare against them.

The key to selling your home quickly #4

Stage your home and take photos

Let in the natural light and hang a few impersonal works of art on the walls. The idea is to create a blank canvas that will engage the imaginations of others. The Internet is a major resource for buyers. Take a few photos that highlight your favorite spaces in the house. If you are unsure of what to photograph, browse a few other listings for inspiration.

The key to selling your home quickly #5

Budget your time and money

This final step is not about buying snacks or cleaning the toilets – though you will need to do these things – but instead it is about budgeting. Before you put your house on the market, you need to establish a budget. This budget will not only account for extra expenses, but will also help you manage your investment of time. As a motivated buyer, you will need to commit to marketing and showing your home. Also, you need to know how long you can afford to keep your house on the market.

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